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Disaster Management

Links to Other sites on Disaster Management

International Organizations
United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction is a UN body with a goal of building disaster resilient communities.
United Nations Economic and Social Council for the Asia and Pacific is the regional development arm of the United Nations for the Asia-Pacific region.
United Nations Development Programme is aimed at improving life of all across the globe. One of its stated goals is to cut poverty in half by 2015.

US Organizations
US Agency for International Aid is a government agency providing US economic and humanitarian assistance worldwide.
Federal Emergency Management Agency is Agency of the US government tasked with Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness, Response & Recovery planning.

Organizations in other countries
National Disaster Management in India is under the premises of Home Ministry of India.
Disaster Emergency Committee is an umbrella organisation which represents 13 leading UK aid agencies.

Responding to disasters
Are You Ready is a guide from FEMA to the citizens for preparedness.
Disaster Help is FEMAs site that provides information for US residents on how to receive disaster recovery assistance.
Ready.gov provides information to help prepare for disasters.
Prepare.org provides preparedness information for vulnerable populations, including seniors, children, people with disabilities and mobilities issues, and people with pets.

Private companies providing disaster warning information
Disaster Warning Network Systems provide early warnings network system for hazards alerts of tornadoes, lightning storms, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, and terrorist disasters.
Wyatt-Lorenz provides Bioterrorism detection sensors and warnings - BW bioweapons detection and biodefense for bioterrorist threats and bio-hazards.
1Relief DISASTER RISK MANAGEMENT was founded on the belief that client's needs are of the utmost importance. As a result, a high percentage of their business comes from repeat customers and referrals.

Information on disasters
Center for International Disaster Information provides information and guidance in support of appropriate international disaster relief.
Rothstein Catalogs on Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Service Level Management provide 1,000+ books, software tool, videos and research reports on Disaster Recovery.
Avalanche Centre provides information on upcoming avalanches.